Theatre Kingston presents: EEN & THESE DEEDS - postponed

March 14 - March 16
Rehearsal Hall

Theatre Kingston presents: EEN and THESE DEEDS


EEN - Eighteen year old Tanya visits her Irish Grandma for the first time, a discovery of self, rolled into the discovery of family and Ireland. Written by Rosemary Doyle, Directed by Liam Karry and Starring Carolyn Hetherington and Cassandra Davidson.

Matinee's 2pm Saturday the 14th and Sunday 15th.

THESE DEEDS - A thriller written and directed by Craig Walker, Starring  Thom Marriot as Bram Stoker, Jacob James as Buffalo Bill Cody, and Richard Sheridan Willis as Henry Irving.

7pm  Monday March 16th.

NOTE: To get a ticket to both shows, go to the March 14 - March 16 ticket (it's the 2nd Saturday 2pm slot)  and you can buy a ticket that will be honoured at either EEN reading and the THESE DEED reading on Monday.