Our Rental Spaces

The exterior of the Malting Tower at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning


The Malting Tower

The Malting Tower - ideal for conferences, meetings, and special occasions
A wedding in the Malting Tower at the Tett Centre


Planning a wedding? See our Special Occasions. And book a tour of the Malting Tower today!

Grain and Petal Photography


Grain and Petal Photography

Artmaking is encouraged in the Activity Room

We encourage art-making in the Activity Room!

The Activity Room with physical distancing maintained

This is an example of our "U-shape" furniture set up in the Activity Room. The furniture can also be set up classroom-style.

An example of furniture set up in the King Street half of the Gallery at the Tett Centre

When available, the folding wall between the Activity Room and the Gallery may be opened, creating a larger rental space for art-making activities.

The Tett Gallery at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning


The Tett Gallery: Pengyuan Wang art exhibition

Garrett Elliott Photography, courtesy of the Kingston Arts Council

The Tett Gallery


Garrett Elliott Photography, courtesy of the Kingston Arts Council


The Rehearsal Hall

The Rehearsal Hall set up for a meeting with physical distancing measures in place

This is an example of our furniture set up class room style in the Rehearsal Hall. Our staff would be pleased to assist you with creating a floor plan that suits your rental needs.

The Rehearsal Hall


Susanna Gordon Photography, courtesy of the Kingston Arts Council


The Tett Centre has four multi-use rental spaces (the Malting Tower, Rehearsal Hall, Tett Gallery and Activity Room) where you are welcome to host your upcoming meeting, theatrical performance, gallery exhibition, artmaking workshop, wedding, or other special event.


We offer reduced rental rates to artists and for art-focused events, to fellow registered not-for-profit organizations, and to post-secondary student groups. A portion of every rental goes towards supporting our not-for-profit’s community arts programming.


For more information about rentals at the Tett, please complete our RENTAL REQUEST FORM.


Rental Information can be found HERE.

Please note that staff fees, security fees and costs associated with rentals of tech equipment are not included on the rental rate document.


For more info email our staff at rentals@tettcentre.org or call our staff during regular business hours at (343) 266-0009 ext. 3091.





The Malting Tower

The Malting Tower is our finest rental space which offers a balance of old-world historical charm with modern technical features to make your event memorable. This versatile light-filled space is a perfect choice for special celebrations, business meetings, and a variety of arts performances and events.


Surrounded by breathtaking lake views and framed with large windows, the bright social space features automatic blinds, a one-touch operated gas fireplace and a projector screen with easy iPod plug-in. A hi-tech sound system is also available to rent. Reflected sound makes vocals and instruments appear more personified, providing guests with a compelling concert experience. The beautifully finished floor ties the 1,600 sq. ft. space together. There is a servery kitchen for catering, a coatroom, round and rectangular tables, upholstered chairs, and courtesy style seating for guests.


Regular room Capacity: 100 seated at round tables, 120 seated theatre style, 150 standing reception with cocktail tables.*


Rehearsal Hall

The 1,500 sq. ft Rehearsal Hall has been designed as a premium creation space, with exposed limestone walls, 12-foot ceilings, a semi-sprung floor, windows providing natural light. An adjoining 170 sq. ft space contains lockers, a coffee kitchen and change area, as well as the electrical power hook-ups for theatrical lighting for experimentation purposes. This stunning room is ideal for theatrical performances, large workshops, or special gatherings.

Room Capacity: 60 guests at tables, 60 guests theatre style, and 80 guests for a standing reception.*


Activity Room

The Activity Room is an ideal multi-purpose space for hands-on workshops, collaborative projects, and small meetings. The 600 sq. ft. space includes adjustable track lighting, chairs, and table suitable for workshops, and is equipped with a deep studio sink and kitchenette. It’s the perfect space to get creative!

Room Capacity: 30 guests without furniture, or 20 guests at tables.*


Tett Gallery

The Tett Gallery is an exceptional space for personal or group exhibitions, creative performances, gallery showings, sales, workshops, and meetings. The 1000 sq. ft gallery is for both experienced and aspiring artists to share their work with the community, while jurying their own show. Please note, The Tett does not curate or take any commission from the sale of artwork or merchandise.  This brightly lit space includes adjustable track lighting, plinths of various heights, and tables and chairs if required. An extra Patch + Paint Fee may be applied.

Room Capacity: 60 guests standing reception, or 40 guests at tables.*


Gallery + Activity Room Capacity: Looking to run a workshop or meeting in conjunction with your gallery show? Our connecting wall divides or opens up our Activity Room and Tett Gallery. Rent them separately or together. 20 guests at tables in the Activity Room and 40 at tables in the Gallery, or 30 guests for a standing reception in the Activity Room and 60 guests for a standing reception in the Gallery.* 


Additional Information



The Tett Centre is a fully accessible building including entrances, elevators, and restrooms. 



If your event is outside regular public hours of the centre, you may be required to pay for Tett Staff who will attend to your rental’s needs, help regulate traffic, and/or operate rented audio-visual equipment. Tett Staff who attend your rental are responsible for enforcing public safety policies, and ensuring emergency procedures are followed, and for operating or training of any equipment owned by the Tett Centre. Tett staff are required for Malting Tower rentals. The following staff charges may apply:

• A staff member or designate at a cost of $30/hr. (minimum 3 hours)

• If alcohol is served during a rental, a security guard at a cost of $35/hr. (minimum 4 hours)

• Additional security and staff are required for larger events, at the discretion of the Tett Director.



The Tett can provide a list of caterers who have been at the Tett Centre and are favourable based on their food quality, customer service standards, reliability, professionalism, and reputation. 


All caterers are subject to a Landmark fee (10% to 15% depending on which caterer you engage.) If you are a registered not-for-profit organization, you may also choose to provide food and beverages which are prepared off-site in a commercial kitchen or purchased from a commercial facility (Costco, Loblaws etc.), there is a ‘per head’ charge of $1.50 per guest.


Catering fees are waived for small workshops held in the Activity Room.


Catering fees are also waived if catering is provided by The Juniper Cafe, located in the Tett Centre, for events that are held between 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday.


Ask about our flat fee catering charge for Tett Gallery Openings. 



If your caterer has a catering endorsement, they are permitted to sell and serve alcoholic beverages. The caterer must provide the venue with a copy of the catering endorsement 10 days prior to the event. The permit must be posted at the event. There are exceptions for registered not for profit organizations. 



Renters are welcome to decorate the space within the times of the rental. There are some restrictions (no open flame candles, no adhesives on limestone or floor, additional lights must be CSA approved). Please inform Tett Staff of your plans. 



Insurance for facility rentals is mandatory as it will cover rental clients and patrons with regard to legal liability for bodily injury to, or damage to property of others, resulting from rental activity. The exception may be for small meetings and artmaking workshops in the Activity Room or Rehearsal Hall (please ask the Tett Rentals Coordinator for more information regarding the Tett Centre Participation waiver).


The Tett Centre requires rental clients to carry general liability insurance in the amount of $2 million ($5 million for any event involving alcohol), naming the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning and The City of Kingston as "additional insured, inclusive of bodily injury and property damage per occurrence." Rental clients must provide a Certificate of Insurance, which states the following:

  • Estimated attendance
  • Date, time, location, and type of event.


If your event is open to the public but will be RSVP, please contact our office for details on requirements. Tett booking staff are available to suggest insurance solutions for organizations that may not be covered under their own insurance or that of their caterer, if needed. Insurance providers who specialize in the arts are also a valuable resource including palcanada.com or duuo.ca for events that are open to the public and tickets are sold right up to and including the event.