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Studio A- Anouk Jonker

Born in the Netherlands, Anouk is currently an MA student at Queen’s University in Technical Art History. Although she continues her work as a portrait artist, her recent paintings reference issues in Western Art History, including early controversial methods of art conservation. She works primarily with oils on canvas with an impasto technique, but also likes to sketch, dab, drizzle, and erase. The paintings offer ambiguous narratives by piecing together various historical references such as Dutch still-lives and early 19th century photographs.


Studio B- Peng Wang

Peng Wang is a Chinese Canadian visual artist who works in oils, watercolour and calligraphy. He believes that art making is a way of finding stilllness and peace within the mind. Peng offers classes in calligraphy and Chinese watercolour painting and will be offering a regular painting class starting in April 2018. Read more about Peng's Calligraphy here. 


Studio C- Valerie Noftle

Canadian artist Valerie Noftle’s interest in, and love of, photography began with her first photo shoot in1993; Leonard Cohen in concert in London, Ontario. Fast forward three graduate degrees and close to two decades of public service later, and Noftle now works out of her artist's studio at the Tett Centre, ‘letting the light in’. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions since 1998 and is found in public and private collections at home and abroad.


Studio D- Ashley Brick

Ashley Brick is an acrylic and mixed media artist from Kingston, Ontario, whose work focuses on the female portrait. She has exhibited since 2014, most recently at the Isabel Bader Centre. Her unique painting style attracts commissions from around the world and her works have been displayed in Lululemon Athletica, Salon 296 and The Annex Spa. Ashley offers classes and workshops at the Tett Centre, please contact her to inquire or register for the next session. 


Studio E- Natalie Bohnen-Twiddy

Natalie Bohnen-Twiddy is a retired educator who loves to experiment with paints from around the world. Lately, she has been importing her paints from France, because she likes the way they coat the canvas. Her paintings are dramatic, colourful and often large in scale. Natalie comes from a very artistic family, both her grandfather and sister are accomplished artists. She is a keen collector of the impressionistic style and has studied for decades with various artists including, Lucy Manley and Joanne Purdy.


Studio F- Melissa Howlett Photography

Using medium format film and writing, Melissa Howlett explores the depth and richness of human connection and resilience. Not afraid to love the person in front of her lens, Melissa is given privileged access into the world of her subject. The images she creates are quiet, enduring, intimate and joyful. Currently she is focused on the softness and strength of familial love, the tenderness of motherhood and giving voice to the stories and experiences of everyday people. Melissa uses her art to express the truth of her heart: You’re a story worth telling.


Studio G- Margret Meban




Danielle Folkerts
Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning


The East - Peng's Art Show

Saturday, November 17, 2018 - 1:00pm to Sunday, November 18, 2018 - 6:00pm

The East - Exhbition by Peng Wang

Oil. Chinese. Calligraphy. 

Arabic Calligraphy

Wednesday, December 5th 6:30-8:30pm


Wednesday, December 5th 6:30pm-8:30pm