What is Virtual Tett Tuesday?

1. Can you give us a breakdown of how the online open studios work?

The Tett Centre for Creativity & Learning is currently offering a program called Virtual Tett Tuesday. Typically, on the second Tuesday of every month we get together at the Tett Centre for an open studio session. Since April, after we had to close our doors to the public, we have been hosting free open studio sessions via Zoom, every Tuesday at 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM. Our goal with the program is to stay connected, encourage at-home art-making, prioritize self-care, and to promote personal and community wellness.

We invite participants to grab a creative project and participate online. Participants work in a variety of mediums, including: graphic design, painting, video, photography, 3d modeling, knitting, drawing, embroidery, punch needle, ceramics, colouring books and more!

Each session, we facilitate a warm and welcoming environment. We start with a check-in, and then we take turns discussing and sharing our current projects, techniques, workspaces, demonstrations, ideas and questions. The program is interactive, and participants can engage in discussion, or sit back, create, and just listen.

2. What’s been the response to the virtual studios?

The response has been incredible! We have regulars who attend each session, and every session we welcome new faces too. The best part about going digital, is that anyone can access our programming. We currently have people out of province attending our open studio sessions online. Each session is different, and everyone is eager to learn and share creative resources.

3. Why did you want to keep doing the studios in this virtual way rather than put them on pause until things go back to “normal”?

We don’t know when our doors will reopen, so it was important to adapt as a charitable arts organization. We have been running Tett Tuesday Open Studio for nearly 3 years, and we wanted to stay connected to our community, especially during a time of crisis. Art-making is an incredible tool for managing stress, and our community needs art more than ever. The Tett Centre staff are staying present and supportive for our community artists, students, tenants, rental clients, and partners.

4. For those who would like to join in, any tips for making the most of a session (e.g., setting up your art-making station in advance)?      

Yes! All are welcome to attend. The program is free, and geared for ages 18+. We encourage participants to set up an art making space in advance (in your office, studio, coffee table etc) and tune in at 6:30 PM. You will also need to sign up for a free Zoom account. You can find the Zoom event details on our website, or Facebook group “Tett Tuesday Open Studio”. You can drop for 30 minutes, or stay for the duration of the call. It is a fun and casual atmosphere, and the group has a great energy. Everyone is encouraging and supportive, and it has been a great place to get feedback, ask questions, or get inspired.


Looking for a visual? Here is a glance at what a Virtual Tett Tuesday session looks like! 



How can you join?

1. Set up a free Zoom account. https://zoom.us/

2. Request to join the “Tett Tuesday Open Studio” Facebook Group for the Zoom Meeting ID & Passwords links, or visit our website: https://www.tettcentre.org/events/tett-tuesday.

3. Get comfortable at home and set up your art making station in advance.

4. Join the Live Zoom session at 6:30pm - 8:00pm. Drop in anytime and for as long as you like.



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Danielle Folkerts, Marketing & Programming Coordinator



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