Virtual Tett Tuesday - Professional Development for Emerging Artists

Virtual Tett Tuesday - Professional Development for Emerging Artists 

On the second Tuesday of every month we get together at the Tett Centre for Creativity & Learning for an evening of creativity, conversation and connection. Due to Covid-19, we have gone virtual! Join us online, in the comfort of your own home. Our goal is to stay connected, encourage at-home art-making, prioritize self-care, and to promote community wellness.

Join our facilitator, Danielle Folkerts, for a live Zoom session, in the comfort of your own home. We invite you to grab an art or craft project and participate online. Share what you have been working on, see what others are creating, watch live demonstrations and participate in group discussions. 

Each session we discuss a variety of art-related topics including: how to photograph artwork, how to frame/mat artwork, where to shop for supplies (locally/online), skill and resource sharing, submitting applications and grants, how to prepare for markets, art education recommendations, and more! Do you have questions? Join the group and get involved! 

All art mediums welcome. Painting, knitting, drawing, collage, printmaking, embroidery, jewellery, sculpture, digital editing, mixed media, you name it.

FREE, Ages 18+. All mediums & skill levels welcome.


How can you join?

1. Set up a free Zoom account.

2. Request to join the Tett Tuesday Open Studio Facebook Group for the Zoom Meeting ID & Passwords links. 

You can also access Zoom links on our website: 

3. Get comfortable at home and set up your art making station in advance.

4. Join the Live Zoom session on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm - 9pm. Drop in anytime and for as long as you like. 


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Photography by: Susanna Gordon 


Upcoming Fall Sessions:

Virtual Tett Tuesday - Tuesday, September 9th 7pm-9pm

Virtual Tett Tuesday - Tuesday, October 13th 7pm-9pm

Tett Tuesday in the Rehearsal Hall - Tuesday, October 27th 6pm-8pm

Virtual Tett Tuesday - Tuesday, November 10th 7pm-9pm

Virtual Tett Tuesday - Tuesday, December 8th 7pm-9pm

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Meeting ID: 968 3761 9177
Passcode: 511193
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