Workshops with Local Artists

As part of the Tett’s Creativity Studios, local artists lend their expertise to the community through leading Wednesday night workshops. They are available for ages 16+, and no prior experience is required.

Last Wednesday, Patricia van Asperen, offered the community an exciting polymer-clay demonstration along with an introductory art activity for adults. In her workshop, adults learned new techniques, and were able to incorporate them into a smaller clay project of their own. Everyone enjoyed it and went home with a lovely piece of art at the end of the night.

Patricia explains, “As adults we sometimes forget how important experimenting and making mistakes help us learn. It’s freeing and therapeutic just to be able to make clay into whatever we want. It responds very directly and we can keep changing it until we are satisfied. Art allows us to play!”

In the following weeks, the Tett’s Creativity Studios will gear up to offer more workshops in brush calligraphy, paper stained glass artwork, and painting with various media. These are fantastic opportunities to get to know local artists, apply their techniques, and take home an original project.

Patricia adds, “the workshops create a social group where people can share their art experiences, as well as have a lot of fun experimenting and being happy with what we discover along the way.”

The workshops are by donation drop-in, making art and creativity available to everyone. All donations go towards supplies.

For more information, contact, or visit the Tett’s website and list of upcoming events.