The Tett Inspires Children to Make Creative Connections Through New Educational Programming


The Tett Centre now offers school groups two unique options for creative immersion. The Tett Arts Focused Educational Programming allows children to explore and create in their own distinct way!

The program is available to students from kindergarten to grade 8 and features tailored activities designed to encourage engagement, expression and problem-solving. School groups can choose to participate in either the Arts Around the Tett: Educational Tour or the Meet The Artists: Tett Arts Workshops.

The tour is a vibrant exploration of Kingston’s arts hub, which allows students to be inquisitive about the creative process. During the one-hour tour, students will discover the historic building and its 3 distinctive levels. They will observe artists busily creating in open studios, and engage in discussion about the works being crafted. The tour is modifiable for all age groups, giving everyone a chance to be inspired!

The workshops offer an in-depth experience in skill building with guided instruction from real local artists. An experienced, well-versed professional teaching artist hosts each workshop. Workshops can be attended for a half-day (2 hours) or full-day (3 hours and 45 minutes).

Barb Danielewski is the teaching artist of the “Screenprinting with a Message” workshop offered for grades 7 and 8. Her introduction to the medium of printmaking teaches students to craft an intentional message that they are passionate about and express it through what they wear.

“Just like an artist with a paintbrush, we have a palette in our closets of colour, style, texture.” Barb explains. “We not only choose how those fit together, but when we add a message, a brand, or words we tell others even more about who we are.  In this workshop, students learn how to use printed text to communicate, as artists do, with an audience.”

Students can harness the power of music and play to learn innovative problem-solving approaches and critical analysis in the “Right Off the Page” workshop hosted by musician Gary Rasberry. This is available for grades 4 to 6.

“Children learn a lot by playing.  Play is serious work.” says Gary. “The stories that I bring to the workshop are often very 'simple,' playful board books. [The students] bring them to life, not just by reading them aloud but by adding theatrical or dramatic flair by giving characters voice and by adding musical loops and sound effects. They get to experiment with the technology required to record their voices and create multi-tracked recordings.”

These workshops are just some of the vastly imaginative and educational events happening throughout the Tett. Whether it is watercolor painting, dance or pottery that ignites the inner artist in your child or student, they are sure to be inspired by our Arts Focused Educational Programming!

Barb adds, “[Students will] gain confidence in themselves as artists, even if they haven't ever considered themselves in this way before.”

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