Tett Offers Healing Art Experiences For Hospital Patients

Kingston, Ontario, October 3rd, 2016 - Victoria Butler

The Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning is transcending the way arts and culture can be experienced. Among the many accessible programs the centre offers, their latest connection with St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital promises to be one of the most inspiring yet.

“St. Mary’s is currently going through a transformation in a very big way,” explains Tett Community Engagement Coordinator, Shannon Brown. “After 70 years, the hospital is moving to a new location.”

During this transitional time, every Wednesday and Saturday starting at 1:30 pm over 12 periods, Tett artists will provide workshops focused on the process of moving and transformation. Patients, their families, and hospital staff can experience healing art forms such as painting, drumming, drama and singing. Knowledgeable and caring community artists will lead each of these workshops within the hospital.

“We felt that offering the arts to St. Mary’s might address some of the anxiety or hopes that might come with moving.” says Shannon. "We understand as we just went through this ourselves."

The arts are known as a healing tool that can help clear the mind and produce relaxed states and new insights as well as a way to access and transform troubling thoughts. This makes it an important addition to the routines of St. Mary’s patients as they get ready to move down the road.

"Moving Through the Arts Together" is made possible by an Artist in the Community/Workplace grant from the Ontario Arts Council and through a partnership between the Tett Centre and Providence Care. According to the OAC; the purpose of the grant is to encourage artists and arts organizations from all arts disciplines to work with communities through a collaborative co-creative process. Grants are designed to integrate the arts into community life through artistic projects.