Spring Chicken at the Tett - Call for Vendors

Spring Chicken at the Tett

As a part of the upcoming Tett Arts Expo (May 9-10 - details to be released later this week), Fat Goose will be presenting "Spring Chicken at the Tett." Please see below for their call for vendors.

Fat Goose presents "Spring Chicken at the Tett"

Saturday, May 9th, 10-5pm and Sunday, May 10th, 10-4pm
The Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, Activity/Gallery Room
370 King Street West, Kingston ON

As part of the Tett Arts Expo, a 2-day open house and showcase of artists, craftspeople and performers, the Fat Goose Craft Collective presents its first-ever multi-day craft fair! Hosted within the Activity/Gallery Room of the newly launched Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, craft fair vendors will enjoy great surroundings and excellent company. As always, we're looking for applications from crafters of all feathers to participate over the 2 days of the fair. 

Heads up:

- This is a smaller craft show than usual due to the limits of the space. We will attempt to accommodate as many vendors as makes sense, but expect the application process to be competitive.

- The tables are provided by the venue this time around and vendors will not have the option to bring their own. Full tables will measure 6 x 2.5 feet and half tables 3 x 2.5 feet.

- Vendors must agree to participate in both days of the fair and the fees indicated below are total for the 2 days.

Fees are: Full table $95, Half table $65

If you’d like to join us here at Fat Goose, please apply with:

- Your name
- The name of your business (if any)
- Your contact info
- A brief bio and artist’s statement
- A brief description of your medium/media
- A brief listing of your average price points
- 5 photos of your work
- At least 1 photo (or representative sketch) of your full display

 An indication of which of the following suits you best: 

- Full table (6’ x 2.5‘ table): $95
- Half table (3’ x 2.5‘ table): $65

- Additional charge for clothing rack space: $10/rack (BYOR -- Bring your own rack!)

 And let us know if you have any special requests for set-up (e.g., you’d like to sit next to your BFF, or you’re in desperate need of an electrical outlet for lighting purposes—they’re limited, by the way).

Please send the necessaries via email to fatgoosecraftfair@gmail.com by APRIL 17 at 5pm. We’ll jury and reply by APRIL 20.

The Fat Geese