Ontario Trillium Foundation Recognition Event!

On February 21st, at 1:00pm, Ian Arthur MPP will be at the Tett Centre as it celebrates our renovation in our beloved Activity Room 108. This well-used space is one of the Tett Centre's busiest spots for creative activities for the community. We are grateful for the grant that the Tett Centre received in 201 which has allowed our charity to invest in more storage, finish the floor, and add some equipment to make our space more usr-friendly. 

Ian Arthur and guests will attend our event and will formally present The Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning with a plaque to mark the work done as a result of receiving a grant from the Foundation in 2019 to finish the floor.

Nadine Baker (Facility Manager) and Danielle Folkerts (Marketing and Programming Coordinator) will be talking about the impact that the grant has had on the space. 

Please join us for some light refreshments as we celebrate! 

Here is an article about our event: