Letter of Introduction from Juniper Inc.

Letter of Introduction from Juniper Inc.

6 May 2019


Dear loyal customers, Juniper Team (old & new), & TCCL community,

Thank you for your patience as we begin our new journey with the Juniper Café! Oh, and apologies for my delay in introducing myself ;-).

This opportunity came to me at an important time in my life as I experience and embrace many forms of change. I was thankful to have met Jamie Hodges & Amber Thom just a few months ago through Adam Koven, who knew I would be the right fit for this undertaking. Thank you Adam. I’ve always had the ambition to some day run my own café, and so here we are. I have found one that reflects perfectly so many of my own values, with a bar already set pretty high. I want to wish Jamie & Amber all the best with their new endeavour as they embark on another exciting project for our community. Rest assured, I will work hard at maintaining and growing the gem you have started.

During the last few months, I have had the privilege to meet the team that makes everything happen behind the bar. I have learnt a lot from them and look forward to paving the path together for Juniper 2.0. My team will be my #1 priority as the owner because without them, the Juniper will not deliver. Our team values will be based on three pillars: Quality, Sustainability and Respect for the environment and people around us. With that, you can rest assured, your sandwiches will continue to be made with love.

When I moved to Kingston a few years ago, I was very intrigued by the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning (TCCL). The concept of collaborating the arts and academic community within a piece of historical infrastructure is brilliant. The fact that it is facing the lake is of course a bonus! It is an honour to be a part of the TCCL community and I look forward to fostering our relationship together. Thank you to Dave Kerr and Nadine Baker’s team for supporting my efforts (and approving my application) in this project.

I have so many more people to thank but I will need to save some for later....

I look forward to meeting many of you in the next few weeks, months, & years. Stay tuned for I have so many great plans coming ahead! As we continue to work out some of the kinks, we thank you again for your patience and support. Every learning opportunity is a step toward improvement.




Owner Juniper Café