KAC in Conversation: Activators

To kick off 2016, the Kingston Arts Council, one of our tenants here at the Tett, is introducing a new program titled KAC in Conversation, an ongoing series of talks, podcasts, and blogs, that explore a variety of themes and arts practices and aim to connect disciplines and create dialogues. KAC in Conversation is a platform for the community to come together; to convene, question and connect.

Can arts activate change?

Can community arts lead to community development?

What is the impact of community arts?

These are the questions driving the first Artist Talk for KAC in Conversation, taking place Thursday, January 28. Focusing on the theme Activators, the event will showcase artists and cultural leaders in Kingston who are activating communities, using the arts to connect and challenge, and offering new and innovative ways to engage with the arts. Featured speakers include Mat Poirier and Kala Seraphin, Arts on the Rise and the MOVE Collective; Erin Sutherland and Jennifer Hardwick, Kahswentha Indigenous Knowledge Initiative; and Heather Haynes, The Courage Wall and owner of Heather Haynes Gallery. The speakers will all give a short talk on their work, exploring and sharing arts initiatives and artistic practices that ignite change within our community and around the world, and participate in a moderated discussion. Artwork by local artist, Jeff Mann will be on display.

KAC in Conversation: Activators is celebrating another community activator, Irina Skvortsova, hosting a reception to launch her new book, Dreamscape Interviews in advance of the Artist Talk. The book is a compilation of interviews, conducted by Irina over the period of time she held the position of Cultural Animator at the KAC, with artists and arts leaders in Kingston working in community art. The narrative focuses on what they dream of doing and aims to bring together local community artists to strengthen and cross-pollinate in a way that is grass-roots and artist-driven.

Learn more about Irina’s work and practice and how she believes art can activate change in the first interview as part of KAC in Conversation Blogs  

KAC in Conversation: Activators

Thursday, January, 28 from 6-9pm

209 Wellington Street, Kingston

More information on KAC in Conversation and the event on January 28 can be found here.  

If you’d like to attend the KAC in Conversation event on Thursday, January 28, please RSVP to Danika Lochhead at info@artskingston.ca.