WORKSHOP: Upcycled Fabric Patches with Jill Glatt

Monday, March 28, 2022 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Rehearsal Hall
Jill Glatt

Upcycled Fabric Patches:

Relief printing + patch making with Jill Glatt

This workshop will guide participants through the process of relief printing to be used for upcycling projects! Participants will compose images, transfer and carve the images on rubber blocks, and then print onto iron-on fabric patches. Please bring ideas and visual references as source material you’re interested in working with. Images should ideally be simple, bold designs, not too detailed nor too small. 

Materials will be provided, though participants are encouraged to bring their own fabrics for this upcycling project. Natural fabrics are preferred (ex. cotton, linen, cotton blends).

When: March 28,  6–9PM

Cost: $45 + HST / fees ($55.10 total)



Jill Glatt is a Katarokwi/Kingston-based illustrator, printmaker, arts educator, and French teacher with the Limestone District School Board. Her artistic practice is based around and informed by ecology, community, and sustainability. Jill is also the Volunteer Coordinator for Skeleton Park Arts Festival and sits on their Board of Directors as Treasurer. Find her at


COVID-19 Rules + Regulations

  • All participants are requried to remain masked for the duration of the workshop.
  • Participants are required to wear medical masks or double-layered masks.
  • Proof of vaccination is required for this event—please bring your enhanced vaccination certificate (with QR code) and identification.


*Please note: This event was postponed from December 15, 2021 due to COVID-19 safety concerns. We look forward to hosting this long-awaited workshop!