WOOL ART - Yarn & Stitch Workshop with Bethany Garner

March 28 + 29, 5-9PM daily
Activity Room
Bethany Garner

WOOL ART - Yarn and Stitch

Creating with Wool Cloth and Yarns/Threads

Two-day workshop with Bethany Garner: March 28 + 29, 5-9PM daily

Starting with beautiful, soft New England Dorr Wool as the base cloth for lovely hand stitched pieces of original art, Bethany spends time in her studio at the Tett Centre developing plans for taking the cloth to all new designs... with just the needles, threads and scissors as her design tools.

Making cloth art and using favourite cotton or wool threads and yarns, often from her stash of weaving project yarns or handspun wool by local friends, Beth begins the design play with a few favourite, easy to learn stitch patterns: french knots, lines and crosses, circles created with blanket stitch and often, just running stitch!

In this workshop, students will receive a rectangular piece of either black or white wool cloth and have a chance to try a few basic stitch repeated patterns on their cloth that will begin a journey to filling their cloth with their own pattern designs. A comprehensive handout will be included in the workshop, and with two evenings in a row to learn, practice and enjoy creating.

Please note: The Tett does not have a mask mandate, however, you are welcome and encouraged to wear a mask while in close quarters.

 This workshop is open to students 18+ years and older. All levels of ability (beginner, intermediate and advanced students) welcome.


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About the Artist

A Creativity Studio Artist at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, Beth travels and teaches for Quilt Guilds, shops and women's groups by invitation. She is the Owner and Managing Coordinator for the FIBREWORKS KINGSTON Weekend Workshops Series which has brought the very best of the best Fibre Arts Educators to Canada since 1979.

A seasoned contemporary artist, Beth is also a traditional quilter, Restoration Specialist, Quilt Conservator, and is a recently retired Professor of Textile Design at St. Lawrence College, Kingston. She has inspired her students to take chances, try new things, and explore their favourite techniques in the classroom and at home.

BethanyGarner.com  |  BethanyGarner.blogspot.com  |  Instagram @LiseGarner