Watercolour Succulent Green Monstera ​Workshop

Saturday, September 23, 2023 - 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Activity Room
Alice Melo

Watercolour Succulent Green Monstera with Alice Melo

Learn to love Watercolours in this “Succulent Green Monstera” Painting. Enjoy creating in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, all while learning new techniques. You will be creating with watercolours and exploring how they granulate. This medium is versatile, beginner-friendly, buildable, and offers so many creative possibilities. A step-by-step painting demonstration will captivate your creativity. Designed for beginners and all skill levels, students will learn wet on wet and explore mixing colours right on the paper, with a strong focus on shading and highlighting. Supplied are professional grade watercolours and 100% cotton watercolour paper, allowing you to experience the beauty of high brand watercolour products. I will share my tips and tricks and make your watercolour painting adventure memorable. Mastering these techniques will lay the groundwork for future paintings, all while having fun, building confidence, and meeting new people. This workshop is perfect to gain your trust in the beauty of having fun with professional watercolours.

Beginners to Moderate | Ages 16+



CA$65.00 | ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED | Click here to purchase your tickets

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About the Artist

Alice Melo is a Creativity Studio Artist at the Tett Centre. She can be found there, in her studio on Lake Ontario, capturing her love of animals in acrylic on canvas with as much personality as her endearing subjects themselves. Drawing from her roots in the Azores and following in the creative footsteps of her grandfather, she brings a unique viewpoint, respect and faith in nature.

Self-taught in realism, Alice shows her dedication through the detail in her work but also shows a high level of intuition by capturing the spirit of her subject. There is a warmth and empathy that leaps into the hearts of the viewers. An important message that she's relaying on behalf of the animals that might not be in the spotlight otherwise: "the world is a better place because of them."

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