The Great Canadian Egg Drop - Shadow Puppet Performance & Workshop

September 30th Launch
Ontario Culture Days

Have you heard the one about the egg and the CN Tower? No? In 1979, a 17-year-old from Toronto set a world record by dropping an egg from 1120 feet inside the tower into a specially designed net. We wondered, what else has been dropped from the CN Tower? Sit tight and let the shadows and music tell our story about an entirely different (and completely made up) egg drop.

Professional puppet designer Clelia Scala and clarinet soloist Kornel Wolak will be leading a shadow puppet performance and workshop on how to create your own shadow puppet performance as well as how to curate a great story.

All of that clearly explained in a fun, simple and informative way.

All you’ll need are:

• An old white sheet or tissue paper

• A decent-sized box (at least 2" in length)

• Thin cardboard (cereal boxes work well)

• Scissors

• Masking tape

• Wire

• Popsicle sticks or dowel

This is a family-friendly program for all ages. We are happy to share with you this exciting form of art!

This program is produced in partnership with Ontario Culture Days as part of their 2020 Creative Residencies.



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