The Feeling of the Notebook

Interactive workshop event imagery Modern Fuel
Wednesday, July 24, 2019 - 6:00pm
Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre
Alex Simpson

Modern Fuel presents an interactive workshop hosted by artist-academic Alex Simpson. This workshop tends to the relationships that form through the physicality of books. In The Feeling of The Notebook, we will explore the connection between different texts in Modern Fuel's Nan Yeoman's Resource Library. Participants will be encouraged to experiment and play in a group setting.

Attendees are not expected to bring anything to the workshop. All necessary materials, such as books, magazines, and other texts, will be provided. The workshop will begin with a discussion led by the instructor, followed by play, experimentation, and smaller discussions inspired by the provided materials. Kate Zambreno's chapter "The Preparation of the Body" from her book The Appendix Project will serve as inspiration for the discussion.

This workshop is pay-what-you-can, and we encourage you to RSVP by emailing Program Coordinator Kirk Kitzul at to express your interest in participating and to receive a PDF of the Zambreno article. Please put "Modern Fuel Workshop" in the subject line of your email.

Join us on July 24th at 6pm for a night of creativity and conversation!

About the instructor: A doctoral candidate in the Art History program at Queen’s University, Alex Simpson holds a Master’s degree in Art History from Queen’s University and a BFA in Art History and Studio Arts from Concordia University. Her research interests include contemporary art, the politics of museums and art institutions, as well as the messy, animated world of objects. Her practice has been informed by a strong interest in labour, care, and advocacy in and through art. Her commitment to efforts that support academics and artists led her to organize academic workshops in Kingston. She participated in an editorial committee for the online graduate journal SHIFT. More often than not, she can found biking around town with a precarious pile of books (ask to take a peek at her mobile library!)

Citation for the article: Zambreno, Kate. “The preparation of the body,” in Appendix Project: Talks and Essays, 65-83. Semiotext(e); MIT Press: South Pasadena, California; Cambridge, Massachusetts; London, England.