Spring Art & Craft Supply Swap - cancelled

Saturday, April 25th 10:00am-12:30pm
The Malting Tower


Hello attendees, 

I am sad to announce that we will be cancelling our Spring Art & Craft Swap, as the facility is currently closed due to Covid-19. We are excited to run our Winter Art & Craft Swap and we hope you will join us on November 14th 10am-1pm. The RSVP link to participate will be opening soon, stay tuned. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Art & Craft Supply Swap: https://www.tettcentre.org/events/tett-art-craft-supply-swap

Working on any art projects at home? Tag the @tettcentre and share with us!

Please stay home, but join us online! 

Things to look forward to this April: 

Virtual Tett Tuesday - https://www.facebook.com/events/504013416937890/

Tett Talk Show - “The Tett Talk Show is a weekly Instagram Live talk show, where the Tett Centre’s Marketing & Programming Coordinator, Danielle Folkerts, will be interviewing Tett-resident artists, art organizations, and educators! Join us live, or watch the replay, at @tettcentre on Instagram. The series starts this April!”

Thank you!

- Danielle




Calling all creatives! Do you have lightly-used or brand-new art and craft supplies that have been collecting dust? OR are you looking for free art supplies for your next project?

You are invited to the Tett Centre’s Spring Art & Craft Supply Swap on Saturday,April 25th 10am-12:30pm in the Malting Tower. Help other artists and families is the community by swapping and donating your unwanted and perfectly good art supplies! One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Prevent your unused goods from going into the landfills, help others save money, and allow your products to be used to their fullest potential. 

The event is FREE for participants and visitors. Visitors may drop-in, all ages welcome.

To save your table space, please register here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/spring-art-craft-supply-swap-tickets-90648280447





Did you know that decluttering can boost your creativity?

Go through your house or studio and find your new or gently-used art supplies that you no longer serve you. THINK: canvases, beads, yarn, tools, paper, scissors, crayons, paint tubes, paint brushes, pre-made craft sets, pastels, magazines, easels, fabric, containers, art books, knitting needles, clay, embroidery hoops, glue, markers and any usable odds and ends! Please, no garbage, empty containers, or unusable materials.



Do you have materials to swap?

Register via Eventbrite and we’ll save you table space! The event is FREE to participate in. Spots are limited. Bring your new or gently-used supplies to the Tett Gallery, and display your goods (tables and chairs are provided). Please bring boxes, containers or bags to store your supplies in. Please arrive and set up your materials at 9-9:30am. Swap runs 10am-1pm. SWAP Participants are responsible for moving materials on and off site.



Now its time to SWAP! Browse other tables and start swapping, trading, donating, networking, visiting, giving, and collecting!


Would you like to browse through the art supplies, but have nothing to donate?

That’s great too! You are welcome to drop-in and have your pick of any of the materials provided. YES, we want to give your FREE art supplies! If you love to experiment with different mediums, or you’d like to find craft supplies for your kids – this is the perfect opportunity to stock up! Cash donations for Kids Creativity Club will be accepted at the door.



Before the Arts & Craft Supply Swap the Tett Centre will have a donation bin for any materials that you would like to directly donate to the Tett Centre. We are currently seeking out donations for our community program, Kids Creativity Club. Please note, we are only accepting a limited amount of selected supplies.


Please do NOT donate: unusable materials, empty or dry paint tubes, garbage, house or outdoor paint cans, dried up markers, animal feathers, varnishes, or used papers. Thank you.



Enjoy your new materials, tell your friends, and join us again for the next SWAP! Donors are responsible for removing all unclaimed art materials from off-site after the swap. We encourage you to donate, properly recycle, responsibly discard, or find additional uses for your materials! The Tett Centre will not accept garbage and unwanted supplies left on-site. Thank you.


Next Swap: Saturday, November 14th, 2020


Learn more about Garbage & Recycling with the City of Kingston here: https://www.cityofkingston.ca/resident/garbage-recycling