"Robin's Nest" Virtual Painting Workshop with Alice Melo

Tuesday, August 17th @ 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM ET
Alice Melo

Join Alice Melo for a fun introduction to acrylic painting. Learn a variety of basic acrylic painting techniques, including: blending, detailing, and layering. Master the key techniques and lay the groundwork to create your own "Robin's Nest" painting. Build your confidence, have fun, and meet new people.

This class is suitable for beginners, or those looking to refresh their skills. Virtual instruction included, via Zoom. Please order 1 ticket per household. Materials list included below. Register today! Ages 16+

Instructor: Alice Melo | www.alicemelofineart.com


Register Today!

Eventbrite: https://virtual-acrylic-painting-workshop-with-alice-melo.eventbrite.ca


How can you join a virtual class?

1. Register via Eventbrite. Registered students will receive a Zoom ID and Password to join the class.

2. Set up a free Zoom account. https://zoom.us/

3. Check the supply list and ensure you have the required materials for the class.

4. Get comfortable at home and set up your art making station in advance.

5. Log onto Zoom, enter the ID Code and Password, and join the class right on time.

6. When you arrive, your microphone will be muted. This is to avoid distraction from the sounds coming from everyone's homes. When you want to speak, please unmute yourself and talk. Just remember to put yourself back on mute again when you are done speaking. We want to save the audio quality for the instructor.

7. Enjoy the painting class, try new techniques, and ask questions.

TIP: If you are connecting with friends and family around the world, mute your microphone and open up a separate video or audio chat to talk privately while you take the class together.


Material List:

1. 8x10 Canvas or Canvas paper

2. Large flat or Filbert brush for the background

3. Small liner brush for detailing

4. #2, #3 or #4 flat or filbert brush (any of these sizes will work)

5. Acrylic Paints (colours: white, brown, black, reddish brown/red for mixing, blue, any colour for the background)

6. Palette or plate for the paint

7. Basin for Water

8. Paper Towel

9. Optional: Blow Dryer for fast drying


SET UP TIPS: We recommend laying down a table cloth or plastic. Bring all your materials to the class. If you have multiple people taking the class, we suggest setting up your kitchen table with “art stations” facing the screen. You can use a laptop, tablet/iPad or even your phone to log into Zoom. The instructor will walk you through the set up, and how to create the image step-by-step. This class is great for beginners of all ages. Use what materials you have at home.

If you are looking to purchase additional supplies, we recommend ordering through Art Noise. https://www.artnoise.ca/


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