Musing on Whimsy: Rhonda Evans Solo Exhibition

November 22 - 26. See exhibition hours below.
Activity Room
Rhonda Evans

Musing on Whimsy: Rhonda Evans Solo Exhibition

Rhonda Evans is hosting a solo show that will include works showcasing glass, ink, and fiber artistry. She creates whimsical and wonderful pieces bursting with colour and creativity for her clients to collect. Meet Rhonda's marvelous characters, or join her in cherishing the treasures of trees and landscapes. Rhonda's muse journeys through various mediums because you can't confine her to a single style, no matter how hard you try! Celebrate the freedom of life with Rhonda and become a collector of Glocca Morra.

All ages


Exhibition Hours:

  • November 22 - 25, 9AM - 5PM
  • November 26, 10AM - 5PM 
  • Opening Reception: Friday, November 24, 6PM - 9PM

About the Artist

Rhonda Evans and her husband reside on Glocca Morra Farms in Kingston, Ontario. Her husband's family has deep roots on this former dairy farm, with its history tracing back to Irish immigrants who arrived to escape 'The Famine.' They worked tirelessly to shape this rugged landscape into a home for future generations. Our children represent the sixth generation of our family on this land.

Over the past year, Rhonda's had the privilege of traveling to trace her family roots, from Eastern Canada to Newfoundland where her family originated, to Ireland where her daughters have been residing. These travels have filled Rhonda's heart with vivid images and cherished memories, from the beauty of florals to the tranquility of babbling brooks, sandy beaches, and cliffs overlooking the ocean. She brought these landscapes to life through my art, using paint, ink, fiber, glass, and wood.

Rhonda's artwork is deeply influenced by the environment and a rich palette of colors. She believes that art plays a vital role in mental well-being, as each person experiences the power of color differently. Through her art, Rhonda aim to convey her cheerful disposition and invite viewers to lose themselves in the magic of these destinations. Perhaps her paintings will remind them of the sweet scent of a favorite flower, a place they've been, or a dream destination they've always wanted to visit.

Rhonda finds inspiration in the cohesiveness of colours found in nature. While many may simply see 'green trees' or 'specific-colored flowers,' she encourages viewers to step back, squint, and observe the rich palette of colors that nature subtly weaves together. These colors intermingle through light and reflections, creating a diverse spectrum that blends seamlessly into what the mind perceives as 'the green tree' or 'the red flower.' This fascination with nature's colour harmonies drives Rhonda's artistic exploration.

Each medium Rhonda uses offers unique textures and styles, allowing her to experiment and blend subject matter and materials. Some may call it chaos, but to her, it's the joy of 'making'—where anything is possible.