Making Sense of Decolonization Through Artificial Intelligence, Digital, & Conventional Art Creation

A painting of a plant with vibrant pink-red fruits and green vines.
June 17, 5PM - 7PM
Activity Room

Join us for our "Making Sense of Decolonization" workshop! This event is part of Carleigh Milburn's Ph.D. project. Participants will have the opportunity to create art using provided beads, iPads, and Apple Pencils. The artwork produced during the workshop will be showcased in the exhibition. We look forward to seeing you there!


This study aims to deepen our understanding of how art can facilitate discussions, pose questions, and establish connections between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. We will explore the concepts of decolonization and their potential to shape diverse perspectives, ultimately contributing to improved relationships.


The images created by participants will be showcased in a VR art gallery as part of an exhibition. Participants will be credited based on the names they provide. Additionally, the collaborative images and associated terms will be displayed on a separate monitor within the exhibition, with the terms remaining anonymous. 


Please be advised that due to the nature of the project, participants will not be able to retract their submitted art. By agreeing to take part, participants grant Carleigh Milburn the rights to exhibit their work, along with the provided name, for all project-related purposes and potentially beyond, including publication. Although no monetary compensation will be provided, participants will receive credit for their CVs or resumes, acknowledging their involvement in the galleries.


All materials and enrollment for this class are free of charge. However, students are welcome to bring additional supplies if they wish. As part of the research project, students must submit and sign consent forms, which will be available at the beginning of the workshop. 


June 10 (Mon) | 5pm - 7pm (2 hours)

June 12 (Wed) | 5pm - 7pm (2 hours)

June 17 (Mon) | 5pm - 7pm (2 hours)


This is a one-off workshop; you do not need to sign up for all three

Ages 16+


Free | Registration Link