Making an Air Plant Pod: A Macramé Class

Saturday, February 15, 2020 at 2 PM – 4:30 PM
Activity Room
Knot Your Girl

Making an Air Plant Pod: A Macramé Class

Making an Air Plant Pod: A Beginner's Level Macramé Class

Curious about venturing into the world of macramé? Would you like to learn the basic knots and skills to begin your own projects and explore the many creative possibilities macramé holds? In this class you will learn the three foundational knots of macramé: the lark's head knot, alternate square knot and gathering knot. Using these knots you will create your own small air plant pod, guided by Laura Dyer, the fibre artist behind Knot Your Girl. All materials are included and in addition to creating your own 'airpod', each participant will receive a pattern sheet to keep, in order to recreate the project again if they wish.

Note: this class does involve working while standing. Please let us know if this would be an issue for you and want to chat about accommodations.

Cost: $45
Location: Activity Room - The Tett Centre (rm 108)