Luminosity: Paintings by Michelle Reid

November 21 - December 2
Tett Centre Gallery
"Luminosity" New artworks by Michelle Reid
Dates: November 21st - December 3rd
Location: Tett Gallery, Bottom Level, Tett Centre
Hours: 10 am - 9 pm
"I’m a self-taught oil painter based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  My work is known for being very colourful with an emphasis on light and shadow like the way the sun wraps around a tree trunk to bring it to life with an intensity that makes you search for your sunglasses! My method is quick and quirky and I’ve had great success teaching it to others.  You’ll benefit from my many, many hours of practice and no doubt springboard your own unique style and practice forward faster than on your own."
Safety Protocols in place. Please bring a mask.