Living Closed Terrariums

Saturday, July 6, 11:30AM - 12:30PM
Activity Room
Laura Moses

Rescheduled from May 25th to July 6th.

Join us at the Tett Center, in the Activity Room, on Saturday, July 6th, from 11:30AM to 12:30PM, for an enchanting workshop on crafting your very own living terrarium fairy garden! Dive into the magical world of miniature plants and whimsical decor as you design a tiny oasis perfect for fairies. Learn about plant care, design principles, and unleash your creativity in this hands-on experience. Bring a touch of magic into your space with your personalized terrarium creation!

Ages 4-100 | All Levels



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About the Instructor

Laura Moses is a double certified horticulturist and the proud owner of Fine Lines Landscape and Designs. With over a decade of experience leading workshops, Laura has earned five prestigious awards for her exceptional landscaping and teaching skills. Her innovative design concepts have been featured in various publications. Currently, Laura is dedicated to sharing her expertise through workshops and is working on a book about Fruit Tree Care while being fully immersed in landscaping.