Kids Creativity Club

1st Saturday of the month, 10AM–12PM
Location varies—see description for details

Kids Creativity Club is a drop in artmaking program at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning for families with children aged 10 and under. Participants enjoy a variety of hands-on creative arts activities with local artists and volunteers. Come and explore, create, and be inspired at The Tett!

This program is offered by donation / PWYW. $5 donations are encouraged to support our charitable arts organization in providing art supplies and instruction. Donate online, or drop in during the program hours!

KCC runs on the first Saturday of the month from 10AM–12PM.



Kids Creativity Club runs from 10AM–12PM on the first Saturday of the month. Dates and locations for 2024 are as follows:

January 6: Rehearsal Hall — Instructor: Sonya Stevens

February 3: Rehearsal Hall — Instructor: Bonnie Anthony

March 2: Rehearsal Hall — Instructor: Christina Maclachlan

April 6: Activity Room — Instructor: Prakriti Chawla

May 4: Activity Room — Instructor: Maddi Andrews

June 1: Rehearsal Hall - Instructor: Hanan Zein Eldin

July - August: Summer Break

September 7: Rehearsal Hall – Instructor:

October 5: Rehearsal Hall –  Instructor: 

November 2: Rehearsal Hall – Instructor:

December 7: Activity Room – Instructor: 



We're always looking for volunteers to get involved with Kids Creativity Club! If you're interested, please visit our opportunities page for more information, or contact Jung-Ah Kim at with any questions.