Intro to Embroidery- Profanity Night

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 from 5pm-9pm
Activity Room
Jessica Trotter

Intro to Embroidery- Profanity Night


Curious about using embroidery but not sure how to do it correctly? Do you enjoy using a good swear word now and then? Learn simple stitches and begin working on your profanity embroidery design. Use simple and basic stitches like the back stitch, stem stitch, french knots to make this beautiful swear word embroidery! Afterwords, use your new skills to add extra personal touch to your clothes, handmade gifts, or whatever you'd like!

Each student will receive:
-A 6 inch Embroidery Hoop that they get to keep
-2 embroidery needles
-A small sampler piece of linen to practice stitches on
-A piece of linen with the embroidery design on it
-7 different coloured embroidery floss

When: Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 from 5pm-9pm
Where: Activity room -Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, 370 King St. West.

Parking will be available at the Tett Centre
*This venue has an accessible entrance*

Open to the public: Recommended ages 18+ (Adults Only)
* This embroidery event does contain profanity. I suggest anyone uncomfortable with the idea sign up for another one of my embroidery workshops*

Level: Beginner embroidery
Max number of participants: 15



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