Improv for Introverts with Mary Harvey

Sunday, June 12, 2022 - 10:00am to 1:00pm
The Malting Tower
Mary Harvey

Improv for Introverts introduces the fundamentals of improv in a relaxed, low-pressure, and laughter-filled environment. Through exploring improvisational exercises, introverts are empowered to build conversational skills, think faster on their feet, and trust their instincts. If you’ve ever left a conversation and kicked yourself for not saying the right thing, or helped with the dishes at a party to avoid small talk, this workshop just might be for you! You will laugh, have fun, and learn a little something about yourself to help you through those challenging conversations.

This workshop will focus on smaller group interactions and improvisational games rather than performances or large-group activities. We will facilitate a maximum of fourteen participants. Join us for this exploration of "gentle improv".


Location: Tett Centre Malting Tower, 3rd floor Lakeside

Time: 10AM–1PM

Tickets: $35 + HST/fees

Ages: 18+ (contact with any inquiries)

Facilitator: Mary Harvey


Mary Harvey runs a communications company in Ottawa called Improv Yourself. She has worked in communications and training for over thirty years.

Previously, Mary was in theatre as an actor and writer. She was with the Second City Touring Company for three years. As Andrea Martin’s understudy, she had the pleasure of performing on stage with John Candy, Dan Ayckroyd and Catherine O’Hara, to drop a few names. Mary has been using Improv techniques ever since to help people find their unique voice, express themselves clearly, and think faster on their feet.



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