Holiday Bash Fundraiser Event

Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 10 AM – 6 PM
Juniper Cafe
Juniper Cafe
The Juniper Cafe is proud to be a member of the Kingston community. We want to honour this by helping the Loving Spoonful & Kingston’s Youth Shelter for what they do. We hope that through our event this year, we can join them in providing ‘essentials' to those in need. Aligned with our business goals and commitments to sustainability, our donations and actions will truly reflect the needs of our youth and community, and this, through an ‘essentials’ themed fundraiser. Because what we do at the cafe is food & drink, the ‘essentials’ is fitting, while also a fun way to campaign the event. Vendors have been selected to compliment the idea of ‘essentials’, because well, ‘essentials' means something different for everyone ;-).

How you can support:

1) Purchase raffle tickets: Some vendors have kindly offered gifts for raffling. We will leave you with a bit of suspense here!

2) Purchase a hot drink at the Juniper Cafe: $1 for every hot drink sold will be donated.

3) Drop donations in the Laundry Soap Bucket all week: There is a need for laundry soap at the youth centre. We have sourced a bulk sustainable laundry soap supplier. Funds collected for soap, will provide sustainable laundry solutions for the Youth Centre.

4) Purchase Juniper Cafe retail merchandise: 10% of retail sales will be donated.

Oh, and have fun!!!