Sun, August 23, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Rehearsal Hall
Bethany Garner


WELCOME FIBRE ARTISTS and Cloth dyeing enthusiasts... Bethany Garner will share her favourite techniques for adding COLOUR ON CLOTH with a classroom filled with eager and welcomed beginners and seasoned dyers who love to add colour and texture to their stash of fabrics. Everyone will love to explore free form dye play, flat dyeing while mixing colours by hand in original cloth design and if time, a bit of shibori folded and pole wrapping.

The class will include instruction for best practices with Beth's prepared PROCION MX Fibre Reactive Dyes on silk, linen, or cotton cloth. Tencel and silk threads/yarns are also a welcome addition to the dye day play. Small garments may be panted with dyes as well.

Note ** Our students will be greeted by the Instructor as they arrive for class and escorted to their classroom. The wearing of face masks as you enter the TETT Centre is required. Masks will be provided if students arrive without them. Students will be asked to complete a KFPH form related to their health and contact information as required by Covid-19 regulations.

- Students will come prepared with their own PRE-WASHED (no fabric softeners) cloth and threads. (see notes below)

- Soda Ash soaking at the start of class will prepare the fabric for receiving the dye.

- Table cover is provided and Beth will tarp the floors to prevent spils and save our beautiful TETT Centre floors.

- In this class, we will explore some traditional and familiar dye techniques including flat dyeing and some Arashi Shibori/pole wrapped techniques.

- Taking the art of dye play in YOUR own direction and adding some creative, original colour and manipulation techniques will give you the confidence to create artwork base cloth that can be cut, stitched , framed or made into décor pieces for your home or gifts.

- This class is great for those who have some experience with dyes, but EVERYONE is welcome... we learn from each other and take the artwork home to BATCH (an important part of the dye development process).

- Final processing directions will be provided in a comprehensive handout for each student.

- Included in your classroom project payment are your dyes and auxilaries (soda ash soak), gloves and paper towels for clean up.

What you need to bring:

* Enthusiasm for creating all-new original work

* 1-5 metres of clean, ready to dye fabric (cotton, linen, silk or rayon dye beautifully)

(Note: Bethany has 100% cotton, prepared dyeing fabric available for pre-order at least one week before class, $10.50 per metre. Limit of 4 m per student.)

* Bring along any samples of your work to share that demonstrates your dye passion.

* Scissors (small embroidery are great – but you will just be cutting threads)

* Plastic dishpans or large plastic bags to carry wet fabric home in after the workshop.

* All Flat dye students will need ECO brand thin plastic available in the paint aisle at Home Depot (share with a friend if you are coming as a group) and the Roll is about $14 and will go a long way for your next dye adventure.

(email Bethany at[at] for additional information on plastic)

* A paintbrush with an angled brush will help for the flat dye technique.

* Wear old clothes/shoes for dyeing - plan to tuck in a few old towels for wiping up spills at your table.

* Don't forget a notebook and camera to record the ideas and work shared in the workshop afternoon.

*** Bring a brown bag LUNCH/drink or you can plan to eat in the TETT's beautiful Juniper Cafe...

Note: To change your class there must be 48 hrs notice or a friend is welcome to take your products and space on the day of event. This is a non-refundable project if participant doesn’t attend or cancels without proper notice.