Artist Talk: Exploring the "Awakening" with Pengyuan Wang

Tuesday, June 20, 2023 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Tett Centre Gallery
Pengyuan Wang

Artist Talk: Exploring the "Awakening" with Pengyuan Wang

Join us for Pengyuan Wang's artist talk as we delve into his exhibition, "AWAKENING." In this talk, Wang will guide you through the creative concept behind his paintings, unveiling the themes that inspire his work. Discover the unique materials and techniques employed by the artist as he shares insights into his expressive process. Wang invites participants to engage in a dynamic dialogue with his work. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to connect with one of our amazing Creative Studio Artists!


Beginner friendly  |  Ages 15+  

This program is offered by donation / PWYW. $5 donations are encouraged to support our charitable arts organization in providing art supplies and instruction. Donate online, or drop in during the program hours!

The Tett Centre is an accessible building, with elevators, automatic doors, and large single-stall accessible restrooms on every floor. Onsite parking is available using the Honk App.


About the Artist

Pengyuan Wang is a Chinese Canadian visual artist who works in oils, watercolour and calligraphy. He believes that art making is a way of finding stillness and peace within the mind. Peng is also a Creativity Studio artist at the Tett Centre! The Creativity Studios are located on the 2nd floor.

 Instagram @pengyuan529 | Facebook @Pengyuan Wang