Around Every Corner: Michelle Reid Solo Exhibition

November 22 - 26, 2023. See exhibition hours below.
Tett Centre Gallery
Michelle Reid

 "Around Every Corner" Kingston's Urban Scenes by Michelle Reid, Landscape Artist


Exhibition Hours: 

  • November 22 - 25, 9AM - 9PM
  • November 26, 10AM - 5PM
  • Opening Reception: Friday, November 24, 6PM - 9PM


About the Artist

Michelle Reid is a Canadian artist who has quickly become recognized for her unique abstract-impressionism. Her contemporary landscape paintings in oil are distinct, vibrant, and full of hope. She has been painting for just over 7 years and currently features both contemporary nature and urban subjects in her work, noted for capturing the sunlight through colour but also for conveying a sense of the spirit of a place. Her work shines so bright you’ll want to reach for your sunglasses. Michelle: “I love capturing the moments that I feel grateful to have witnessed, when the light hits just right and illuminates a mistakenly mundane moment. A reminder that beauty is all around and that joy can be inspired in the smallest shift of perspective. I find comfort and the connections made with people through this shared experience is the greatest reward in my practice.” Recently Michelle was awarded First Prize in the Rideau Artist of the Year plein-air competition for her depiction of The Smiths Falls Heritage House Museum through a veil of tomato vines planted by the local Food Bank. A thoughtful composition that is a strong recurring theme in her work, a playful flourish highlighting a deep appreciation of historical roots.

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