Abstract Art Show by Cec Reesor

November 12–17, hours vary
Tett Centre Gallery
Cec Reesor

Visit the Tett Gallery to view a beautiful collection of vibrant abstract paintings by Cec Reesor.

Cec Reesor of Creative Endless Colours is a self-taught abstract acrylic painter from Cobourg, Ontario. Cec discovered his passion for painting in 2013. His creativity with colours show through his one-of-a-kind paintings. All said and done, he does not name his paintings because everyone sees them differently. Cec hopes that everyone enjoys his paintings as much as he loves creating them.

Instagram: @CreativeEndlessColours


Exhibition Hours

Saturday, November 12, 10AM–7PM

Sunday, November 13, 10AM–4PM

Monday, November 14, 10AM–7PM

Tuesday, November 15, 10AM–7PM

Wednesday, November 16, 10AM–7PM

Thursday, November 17, 9AM–12PM



Tett Gallery, Room 109, 1st Floor