Resource Guide: Showcasing Your Artwork Locally

Round Table Review: Showcasing Your Artwork Locally

The Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning and Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre recently co-presented "Showcasing Your Artwork Locally" a virtual roundtable.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated and joined the conversation. Local artists, art administrators, curators, and art academics came together to discuss and share resources within the Kingston community. The goal was to identify and share local opportunities to exhibit and/or sell artwork and to create a comprehensive list for artists and groups to reference and research further.


Commercial Galleries:


1. Gallery Raymond

  • General Info: Kingston's largest commercial gallery. It represents 18 local artists and displays over 400 works of art. The gallery has bi-monthly exhibitions.
  • Opportunities: They have stated that they rarely take on new artists but when they do, they would like to be approached in person. There is no formal application process. They typically accept paintings.


2. Martello Alley and Martello on Brock

  • General Info: Martello Allery is anartist collective offering original works and prints. The works are displayed on the walls of the alley. The alley ends at the Atelier where you will find a gallery. There are now two galleries, with the newest one being located on Brock Street. They feature paintings, drawings, and prints.
  • Opportunities: The owners of Martello Alley and Martello on Brock have asked artists who are interested in showing their art to come into the store in person. There is no formal application process.


3. Studio22 Open Gallery

  • General Info: Commercial art gallery representing artists from across Canada. They have many different exhibitions over the course of the year. They feature mostly paintings. Learn more at:


4. Verb Gallery

  • General Info: The gallery space is located in the back of Wayfarer Bookstore. Visit the store for more details.


5. The Nooks Kingston

  • General Info: The Nooks is the first Artisan Retail Business Incubator in Canada. They are a unique retail model combines in store space, a ‘nook’ with an online marketplace for handmade, small businesses to grow a successful retail business. They give makers 100% of their sales in store and online in exchange for one membership fee.


6. Art Noise Gallery

  • General Info: Art Noise has two gallery spaces, which also function as the Tri-Art Audio listening andviewing rooms.  ​The gallery spaces host established, emerging artists and art groups. Current exhibition artworks will also be displayed in the Art Noise windows on a rotating basis throughout each show.
  • Opportunities: The gallery/listening rooms can be booked out for audio demonstrations and consultations by our professionals. Email


7. Kingston Glass Studio & Gallery

  • General Info: Founded by passionate collectors and artists, Kingston Glass Studio & Gallery brings to life the artistic visions of over 30 emerging and established artists through fine contemporary glass, sculpture and artwork for home, corporate and commercial spaces. Learn more:


8. Kingston Frameworks

  • General Info: Kingston Frameworks is a custom framing and retail store, with a wide assortment of frame styles to choose from, unique gift ideas and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. The Art Gallery features Kingston scenes from local artists. Learn more:


 Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre


Non-Profit Art Centres & Galleries:


1. Tett Gallery, Tett Centre for Creativity & Learning 

  • General Info: The Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning is an independent Not-for-Profit, charitable organization that operates a historic city-owned building on Kingston’s waterfront. They provide professionally equipped and affordable space to artists and arts organizations for artistic creation. The Tett is home to nine tenant arts organizations, eight resident artist studios, and four multi-use rentable public spaces. The dynamic arts hub coordinates and creates high-quality, accessible, arts-focused programming for all levels of artistic abilities and experience.
  • Opportunities: The Tett Gallery is 1 of 4 rentable multi-use rental spaces at the Tett Centre. It is an exceptional space for personal or group exhibitions, creative performances, artisan markets and workshops. The 1000 sq. ft gallery is for both experienced and aspiring artists to share their work with the community, while jurying their own show. The Tett does not curate or take any commission from displayed work. All artists and non profits receive a 25% rental discount. The Tett Centre accepts ongoing rentals. View pricing and gallery information at: Contact for more details.


2. Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre

  • General Info: Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre is a non-profit organization facilitating the presentation, interpretation, and production of contemporary visual, time-based and interdisciplinary arts. Modern Fuel aims to meet the professional development needs of emerging and mid-career local, national and international artists, from diverse cultural communities, through exhibition, discussion, and mentorship opportunities. Modern Fuel supports innovation and experimentation and is committed to the education of interested publics and the diversification of its audiences. As an advocate for contemporary art, as well as for artists' rights, we pay professional fees to artists in accordance with the CARFAC fee schedule.
  • MAIN GALLERY, STATE OF FLUX GALLERY, and WINDOW GALLERY: Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre has three exhibition spaces that artists can apply for - the Main Gallery, State of Flux Gallery, and the Window Gallery. In accordance with the CARFAC fee schedule, the State of Flux Gallery and Window Gallery are defined as project spaces. 
  • Modern Fuel's programming strives to reflect the diversity of aesthetic practices both regionally and extra-regionally, according to submission criteria as determined by the Artistic Director and Programming Committee. Proposals are selected according to their critical and exploratory character -exploratory insofar as they pose significant questions (formally, conceptually and politically) within current artistic and broader socio-cultural contexts. 
  • Modern Fuel accepts proposals for solo and group exhibitions, as well as performances, curatorial projects, and collaborations, each year from January to March when our Annual Call for Submissions is open. Proposals are not accepted outside of this timeframe. Modern Fuel schedules one year in advance, and therefore selected exhibitions are presented the following year.
  • Opportunities: Modern Fuel offers group exhibition opportunities for our members throughout the year. Learn more about becoming a member at Modern Fuel here:
  • In addition to exhibitions, Modern Fuel offers residency opportunities and produces an arts publication featuring written works (ie. poetry, prose, creative writing, etc.) and visual art (ie. photography, collage, digital illustrations/design, etc.). Interested individuals should visit art at or join our mailing list to stay informed about application periods and other exciting events. Feel free to send us an email at if you have any questions about our opportunities.
  • Modern Fuel is committed to anti-racism, anti-oppression, and decolonial thinking in our utmost capacity. Thus assisting any artists, art makers, and art workers who face barriers surrounding their submission, documenting their submission, or submission process is of absolute priority.


3. UNIT 115, Kingston Arts Council 

  • General Info: UNIT 115 is a free, inclusive and flexible exhibition space in the Kingston Arts Council office. As an alternative exhibition venue in Kingston, UNIT 115 is intended to showcase and celebrate local artists and encourage connection between artists and the local community. Applications for this space are open to artists (professional, emerging, student, etc.), arts and culture organizations, and community organizations working in different sectors. UNIT 115 has approximately 25 ft. of wall space, including a four-pane window, and 124 ft. of floor space.


4. Window Art Gallery, Kingston School of Art

  • General Info: A non-profit volunteer run community gallery which is an ongoing project of the Kingston School of Art. The Kingston School of Art is an independently operated, registered charity providing art experiences and education to Kingstonians since 1994. 


5. Wolfe Island Art Gallery

  • General Info: It is a non-profit collective that showcases fine arts and artisanal creations from the many artists living on or with connections to the Frontenac Islands.
  • Opportunities: In order to exhibit art in the Wolfe Island Gallery fill out the artist application on the website. They currently are not accepting applications.


Tett Gallery, Tett Centre for Creativity & Learning - Photography by Susanna Gordon


Arts and Crafts Markets, Collectives, and Artisan Galleries:


1. Cornerstone Canadian Arts and Crafts

  • General Info: It is a Canadian art shop that focuses on local artists. They host a series of different events and each month they do a spotlight of a different artist. They feature paintings, prints, drawings, and arts and crafts for sale. FB @cornerstonecanadianart
  • Opportunities: They run a program here called "Local Featured Artist Program" where they offer local artists (within 1 hour of the city) a space for one month to display their work. There is no cost to participate and profit sharing on work that sells. They do not ask for any exclusivity for this program so the artists may have work at other locations downtown and still qualify for the program. To apply we ask artists to email us with some attached images of their work.


2. Arts and Crafts Collective 

  • General Info: It is an interdisciplinary art collective and shop that supports artists who are interested in growth through collaborative projects. It is located in Gananoque and features clothing, arts and crafts, and prints for sale.
  • Opportunities: The artist application form can be found on the Arts and Crafts Collective website. In the application you will be asked to upload an artist statement as well as photographs of your work. 


3. Kingston Makers Art Gallery

  • General Info: The online gallery and shop is a part of Artfest Ontario, which has special exhibitions during Canada Day Weekend and the Winter holidays, on top of their regular events. There is also a special exhibition specifically for indigenous artists. The shop is located online, and features works from a variety of Kingston artists ranging from clothing items to paintings. 
  • Opportunities: To be a part of Artfest and the Kingston Makers Gallery you need to fill out an application on the website. They are currently accepting applications.


4. The Trade Square, Fort Henry

  • General Info: Fort Henry offers the The Trade Square, a small artisan shopping district inside the walls of the Fort. Shoppers can enter the Upper Fort free of charge, shop the rooms and have lunch or dinner on the Battery Bistro patio overlooking the beautiful city. The Trade Square will operate 7 days a week from 11:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. With extended hours on Sunset Ceremony nights and event days.


5. Tie One On Creativity Bar

  • General Info: Tie One On is a new west-end DIY crafting bar and creativity space.


6. Kingston Holiday Market


7. Fat Goose Craft Fair

  • General Info: The Fat Goose Craft Collective is committed to the creation of venues and opportunities for crafts people of any stripe to exhibit and sell their work and for the public to access affordable, high-quality handmade goods while enjoying the craft scene’s special aura of community and artistic achievement. We use a not-for-profit model, are volunteer-driven, and are run by craftspeople for craftspeople. Learn more:


8. DEAD ON Collective

  • General Info: Built out of necessity, DEAD ON COLLECTIVE was established in 2017 as an art space to facilitate the development of new artists within Kingston, Ontario. Located in the National Grocers Building in Kingston's Inner Harbour, Dead On studio is a hub for the creative community. The space features an active Art Studio, Gallery space and a curated Mural Wall outside. The Dead On Gallery showcases serious local talent. Through the Dead On Gallery they have setup an online shop offering original artwork, prints and merchandise from Dead On artists and friends. Learn more at: FB @DEADON.COLLECTIVE and IG @deadon.collective


City of Kingston:


1. Public Art, City of Kingston

  • General Info: Learn how the City is enacting the Public Art Master Plan to help make Kingston a more vibrant and artful city, while providing opportunities for artists and citizens alike. Join the Public Art in Kingston mailing list or be considered for the Public Art Working Group or Jury Opportunities by emailing


2. Market Wing Cultural Space, City Hall

  • General Info: The redeveloped first floor Market Wing at Kingston City Hall is scheduled to open to the public in November 2020. This newly accessible space, located within Kingston City Hall National Historic Site, has been designed to house exhibitions and programs that combine history and the arts to highlight Kingston, and to explore a diversity of histories, stories and ideas relevant to residents and visitors alike. The Market Wing will also include dedicated space to showcase Indigenous history and culture and the people who have lived in this area since time immemorial.  The development of this content will begin in 2021 and will be led by an Indigenous curator and involve ongoing consultations with the community.




1. Kingston Women's Art Festival 

  • General Info: The Kingston Women’s Art Festival was started in the late 70’s by a group of women interested in promoting the work of women artists. The event has grown from its small roots to become a well-recognized and highly anticipated Kingston event. It now features over 200 artists, a full day of women’s music, dance and singer-songwriter performances, a silent auction, a children’s activity area, great food from local vendors, and over 4,000 visitors.It occurs during the summer and is usually an outdoor event. Booth fees range from $35-$180. The products featured range from clothing, arts and crafts, to paintings etc. 
  • Opportunities: Applications begin in the Spring. You must be a female artisan to be included in the festival. It is a juried event so applicants will be selected by the festival curators. In the application, artists must write 100-150 words about themselves and their art and include clear photographs of their work.


2. Skeleton Park Art Festival 

  • General Info: Skeleton Park Arts Festival is a free, grassroots, multi-disciplinary art experience that happens in Kingston on the summer solstice weekend, and at pop-up events around the neighbourhood all year round.It occurs in the Spring/Summer in Skeleton Park. Applications to be featured usually go out in May. It is an art show and sale event and is held outdoors.


Queen's Affiliated Galleries & University Galleries:


1. The Agnes Etherington Art Centre 

  • General Info: It's a part of Queen's University. It is a Public Gallery. Agnes Etherington Art Centre at Queen’s University is a research-driven art museum, featuring innovative exhibitions and programs year-round, and holding superb collections of historical and contemporary art. Admission is free of charge.
  • Opportunities: The Agnes accepts exhibition and program proposals on an ongoing basis. These are reviewed periodically, according to our needs and on a two-to-three-year advance planning cycle. For consideration, submit a brief outline of your proposal and documentation by email under the subject "Submission" to


2. Union Gallery 

  • General Info: It's a part of Queen's University and is student organized. It is a public gallery that consists of the Main Space, the Project Room, and the Vitrine Space.
  • Opportunities: Proposals from students (undergraduate and graduate) will be accepted throughout the year and reviewed by a Committee chaired by the Director. Priority is given to student exhibitions during the academic year. Exhibition proposals from professional artists, curators and collectives for the Main Space and Project Room will be accepted during our Annual Call for Submissions. There are special calls throughout the year, and Members are invited to apply for the Ongoing Call for Submissions for the Vitrine Space


3. Art & Media Lab, Isabel Bader for Performing Arts

  • General Info: The Art & Media Lab, situated at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, is a space for artistic innovations, community engagements, and other forms of creative practice. It is a space for experimentation, creation, process and exploration. The Art & Media Lab can take on many forms. Artistically, it can follow the rules of a gallery or performance space. Though experimentally, it becomes a lab for producers who are uncertain of where their work may lead. The mandate of the Art & Media Lab is to create an accessible space for community members, students, both professional and emerging artists; and Queen's affiliated. The Art & Media Lab is more than a gallery, a white walled room, a music box or a screening room - it is a space that inspires creative thinking and innovative learning.
  • Opportunities: If you would like to book the space for an exhibition, workshop, or performance, please email the Art & Media Curator and Coordinator at 


4. Marianne van Silfhout Gallery, St. Lawrence College

  • General Info: The Marianne van Silfhout Gallery is a state-of-the-art community art gallery located at the front atrium of the campus and is the focus of the visual arts for Brockville and the larger Eastern Ontario area.
  • Opportunities: The Marianne van Silfhout Gallery is currently accepting submissions for our programming roster. Established and emerging visual artists with professional curricula vitae are invited to submit exhibition proposals. As a learning facility, preference will be given to artists who demonstrate innovation and creativity in their art, and are willing to provide opportunity for learning within our SLC student community by way of lecture, workshop, etc. To view submission requirements and apply:

Malting Tower Fall Art Market, Tett Centre - Photography by Danielle Folkerts




1. The Elm Café

  • General Info: They are a family run café, located in the Inner Harbour neighbourhood in Kingston, Ontario. They are a coffee shop that features art by local artists.


2. Juniper Café

  • General Info: Located in the Tett Centre. They are a coffee shop that features art by local artists. 


4. Kingston Coffee House 

  • General Info: Coffee and tea shop located near Market Square. They feature work by local artists. 


5. Musiikki 

  • General Info: Located in downtown Kingston. They serve coffee and drinks and feature live music, as well as art from local artists. 


Additional Resources:


Location: Kingson, Ontario, Canada


As you can see, Kingston has so much to offer! We hope to continue to grow and develop this list. If you have additional resources, venues, or opportunities to recommend we invite you to offer your feedback and help us grow the list. Please email Jung-Ah at, Subject Line: Showcasing Your Artwork Locally. Thank you.

* Please note, due to COVID-19, some of these opportunities or events may be temporarily closed or on pause. Thank you for understanding.

This list has been compiled by the Tett Centre for Creativity & Learning & Modern Fuel-Artist Run Centre.