Global Meditation for Compassion

A Compassionate World Starts With You!

How do we change the world? By taking a stand for compassion, one person at a time.

Join Tett Creativity Studio artist Yessica Rivera Belsham for a LIVE stream of the 1-hour Global Meditation for Compassion by Deepak Chopra in the Malting Tower starting at 12 noon on Saturday, July 11. Deepak Chopra is a world renowned author, public speaker, and alternative/integrative medicine guru. Communities around the world are gathering for this event to raise awareness for compassion and peace.

The event will conclude with a 30 minute Sound Healing Meditation led by Yessica Rivera Belsham of Circle of Wellness. Yessica will be using her 99.99% pure quartz crystal singing bowls as well as inviting participates to gather in harmonizing chants. The pure sound of the crystal singing bowls resonates with the mind, body, and spirit by enhancing balance through vibration and aids in the travel of consciousness to altered states of awareness. These Sound Healing meditation workshops by Yessica have been known to empower will, reduce pain, enhance creativity, reduce stress, and promote balance, self-healing, and a positive state of mind.

Last year’s Global Meditation event set the Guinness World Record for the largest online meditation gathering in history when more than 140,000 people from nearly every country in the world came together with Deepak and meditated with one powerful shared intention – to cultivate peace.

Chairs will be available; however, participants are encouraged to bring their own yoga mat.

This event is by donation. 100% of the proceeds will go towards rental of the space and rental of equipment to show the live stream of the Global Meditation for Compassion by Deepak Chopra.

How is music healing?

“All art is about creative expression,” says Yessica. “Visual art, music, movement, and writing are all forms of creative expression and provide a cathartic experience for many. The combination of more than one art amplifies the healing experience for many. This is why I am thrilled to focus on breathing, chanting, and the music of the singing bowls.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Why do you combine arts and healing?

“In my view both arts and healing are one. From personal experiences, experience of others, and evidence based research, there is no doubt of the healing properties all art has. In Mexico and here in Kingston, Ontario, I have engaged community in open community drum circles (Kingston Drum Circle) and arts and craft workshops such as the Worry Doll crafting, or the meditative Ojos de Dios workshops, all of which have had a positive impact on participants of all ages. I have been hosting the Sound Healing Meditations with the quartz crystal singing bowls since the beginning of June 2015 and there has been supportive network of individuals that highly value that these Sound Healing events that are happening in Kingston. This is why I am developing Circle of Wellness as the umbrella organization of the Kingston Drum Circle, Sound Healing Meditations, and more.”

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