A Little Peace of Nature: A Beginners' Expressive Arts Experience

Friday, March 31, 2023 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Activity Room
Erin O'Neill

A Little Peace of Nature:

A Beginners' Expressive Arts Experience

Workshop with Erin O'Neill

Take a moment to explore your own creativity and connection to nature through a series of three different mediums: sketching, painting and poetry. This workshop is intended for adults who are curious about the Expressive Arts who enjoy a slower, more relaxed and mindful way of creating art. In this workshop, participants will work with a meaningful piece of nature and explore the details of its' curves, lines, textures and colours, all the while learning about one's own connection with the environment. 
The Expressive Arts are unique in that they focus on one's personal creative expression as opposed to being constricted by specific aesthetic guidelines and principles. This workshop is geared towards individuals who simply want to explore their creative curiosity as it relates to nature, and are less interested in learning specific artistic skills.
Relax, Discover and Enjoy the creative process!


PWYW (pay what you want) $0–20+  |  Limited capacity  |  Click here to register + claim your spot!


About the Artist

Erin O'Neill is an abstract painter and expressive artist who works out of Creativity Studio B at the Tett. She aims to paint the depth of feelings, to bring them to the surface and assign them positive form while also demonstrating the organic movement between states of mind, how one feeling passes imperceptibly to another. Erin works primarily in acrylic paint and mixed media. She enjoys foraging and creating with diverse artistic mediums, whether displayed on canvas or arranged in a vessel. 

"I create from the inspiration I find in my natural surroundings. I love the simplistic elegance of the trees, the branches, the flora. In nature, I find renewal. I have long been interested in the way elements combine with each other, to produce something unique; a sum greater together than its’ parts. I am intrigued by the way human-made elements connect with the natural world, producing a myriad of enlivening colours and textures, both of which play a vital role in my creative process. I believe that unlikely pairings can be harmonious too, bringing a sense of delightful surprise to environments! It is my hope that this joy is shared with others through my art and that these pieces spark conversation, contemplation and inspiration for all who find their way to them. Thank you for being here and discovering my art." —Erin Anne O'Neill


Instagram @erin.anne.oneill