The Thousand Islands Playhouse presents Daisy Amazed Me as part of the Kids Creativity Club 10 AM start!

Saturday, May 20, 2017 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
The Malting Tower
The Thousand Islands Playhouse

As part of the Kids Creativity Club The Tett and the Thousand Islands Play House Young Compnay presents:

Daisy Amazed Me

by Jason Hall

“If you don’t know our Daisy, that’s perfectly fair, she’s quiet and shy sometimes, you’d forget she’s there. But if you don’t know Daisy, you must know her Mom. She’s bright and colourful and endlessly fun!”

From the writer of Violet’s the Pilot and Rose’s Clothes comes a colourful coming-of-age story:

Daisy is an unlikely hero; a wallflower by nature, she’s happily grown in the shadow of her bold, outgoing, fun-loving Mom. But 
one day Mom starts losing her colour; with each passing day she gets more and more drab. She doesn’t go to work, she says less and less, and some days can’t even get out of bed. With help 
from the audience, Daisy embarks on a quest to revive her mother’s colour. Daisy Amazed Me tackles the challenging subject of mental health in a way that is imaginative, creative and fun.