Selina Chiarelli, Josh Lyon - A Cabaret of Wanton Words. Theatre Kingston Fundraiser

A Cabaret of Wanton Words
March 7th 2019 7:30 pm
Rehearsal Hall
Theatre Kingston and Selina Chiarelli
Wanton Words Cabaret is a convergence of storytelling, music, and many years of friendship. Josh Lyon and Selina Chiarelli have known each other for more years than either cares to count. When Selina checked to see if Josh felt like playing with some jazzy standards one day, their collective musical upbringing here in the limestone city became evident.


The music is a jazz that’s been roughened around the edges. Their “standards” evolve from old Fats Waller classics, to Tom Waits, to deconstructed local songwriters and sassy originals.  Playing on the lyrics and the story behind the songs, Selina laughs and wanders her way through sunny side streets in Australia, cobblestone alleyways in European towns, and finally through the parks and adventures in parenthood back here where it all began. Josh Lyon’s hearty chords and heavenly backing vocals round out the sound that is completely their own. Come out for the stories, stay for the songs, and join these two wanderers as they take you along for a trip through light and lyrics, darkness and dreams, and most importantly -  stories and song.