Queen’s Amnesty International's Next Steps Series Charity Gala

March 3rd, 6-9:30pm
The Malting Tower
Amnesty International

Queen’s Amnesty International's Next Steps Series Charity Gala is an annual event that aims to foster critical discussion of intersectional social issues in an effort to raise funds for local humanitarian organizations. 
The purpose of this year’s gala is to raise awareness how business operations can violate human rights, and how businesses can operate more ethically. Certain corporations' actions have incurred many human rights injustices and we believe that these should no longer be ignored and that these companies need to be properly held accountable. Our gala hopes to open a dialogue that businesses should be held accountable for their actions and that profits should not be put before the well-being of people. 10 dollars from each ticket and all proceeds raised from the silent auction will go to Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights!
There will be speakers, a workshop, silent auction and dinner. Please come dressed in your semi-formal best at 6pm


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