Present Vistas Exhibition

May 25th-31st, 2019
Tett Centre Gallery
Margaret Meban

Margaret is a contemporary visual artist living in Kingston, Ontario. Margaret began her visual arts studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto (1992), which included a year residency in Florence, Italy. Subsequently she studied the field of Art Education culminating in a Ph. D (Queen’s University, 2005) and a post-doctoral fellowship at Columbia University, New York, NY. In recent years Margaret has shown her work at Nuit Blanche (Toronto, ON; collaboration with the Human Media Lab, Queen’s University), as well as part of the collaborative Nascent Art Science Collective.

In her current practice Margaret returns to painting to examine the relationship between the structural and the gestural. Here her work explores juxtapositions of formal memes with the gestural and accidental, and how such configurations impact the illusion of perception and the narrative process. Margaret engages painting as presence in action, whereby one can surf the line between the conscious and subconscious exploring meanings that can be fleeting, diverse, and personal. Margaret’s next exhibition: “Present Vistas” will be held at the Tett Centre Gallery, May 25th-31st, 370 King St. W, Kingston, ON.


Opening Reception, Saturday, May 25th 6-9pm