Portraits of Lgbtq+ Trailblazers

June 10 - June 14 | 9am-5pm
Tett Centre Gallery
Kingston Pride Inc. in partnership with the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning

Portraits of Lgbtq+ Trailblazers


Show Hours: June 10 - June 14 | 9am-5pm

Reception:  Thursday, June 13th  from 5PM until 7PM

**VEGAN friendly food being donated by the Copper Branch Restaurant


Kingston Pride Inc. in partnership with the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning is proud to bring the Kingston community a free curated exhibition of the influential National Portrait Collection created by The ArQuives: Canada's LGBTQ2+ Archive. This gallery exhibition is in support of Kingston Pride's 30th anniversary and truly embodies this years' theme: "Remember the Past, Create the Future".

Started in 1998, today the collection consists of 75 portraits of LGBTQ2S+ trailblazers who have impacted the lives of Canadians. The collection continues to grow and the portraits are done in various mediums that include photography, oil, and water colour.

These portraits feature real people who made a difference, and are further brought to life by the inclusion of stories of humility, courage, wisdom, and—most importantly—hope. History helps us understand change, measure progress and gives us hope that today's struggles are worth it for the contribution they make to future generations. Remember the past by celebrating the achievements of those who came before, and let their stories inspired you to create the future you want.

We invite you to visit the collection at the Tett Gallery at 370 King Street West, located on the lake level, between 9am and 5pm from Monday June 10 through Friday June 14th as part of Kingston Pride's many planned activities.

This exhibition would not have been possible without generous donations by the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning and The ArQuives.


More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/392306304961237/