Parent & Child Liquid Glass; A Pouring Medium Workshop - rescheduled

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Activity Room
Glocca Morra Farms

Rescheduled ** Contact if you have any questions. 


Where: Activity Room on Level 1 of the Tett Centre, 370 King St, W.

Cost: $65

This workshop is intended for 1 parent with 1 child (all ages are welcome, as the parent will work with the child). Come and learn about this brand new acrylic medium “Liquid Glass”. Liquid Glass has a mind of its own, it’s a beautiful pouring medium that does what it wants to do with a little help from you. Which can be quite freeing as there is no skill needed to begin this journey. *Liquid Glass is the name of this acrylic Pouring Medium, made by TriArt here in Kingston. It’s not actually glass, it does dry so clear and shiny it looks like glass.

During the workshop you will each create a smaller piece (4"x4") then together you will create one larger (8"x8") final piece using the “dirty pour” method.

*Your creations will need to cure for 48 hours before they can be picked up.

As always snacks and refreshments will be served.

FLUID ART WORKSHOP. This mesmerizing medium is called liquid glass. It’s an Acrylic Pouring Medium made right here in Kingston Ontario by TriArt. Join us for our introduction class; Level 1. No experience necessary. We’ve been working with this medium for 3 years and love sharing our love for this magical paint.

Interesting fact: Liquid Glass Pouring Medium is created here in Kingston by TriArt. We are so happy to support a local business.

To change your class there must be 48 hrs notice or a friend is welcome to take your products and space on the day of event.

This is a nonrefundable project if participant doesn’t attend or cancels without proper notice.