Natalie Bohnen-Twiddy Fall Art Show

Fall Art Show
September 8-9, 2018
Community Exhibition Gallery
Natalie Bohnen-Twiddy

Natalie Bohnen-Twiddy Fall Art Show

Tett Gallery 1st Floor, Room 109

September 8th-9th | 10am-4pm

Natalie Bohnen-Twiddy is a retired educator who lives in Kingston, Ontario. She paints in her studio at the new Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning located at 370 King Street West. She experiments with paints from around the world. Lately Natalie has been importing her paints from France because she is enthusiastic about the way they coat the canvas.

Her paintings are colourful, dramatic and often large. Natalie comes from a very artistic family. Her grandfather and sister are also accomplished artists. She not only paints, but has been a keen collector of and has great affection for the impressionistic style. She has studied for decades with various artists including Lucy Manley and Joanne Purdy.

She is a regular contributor to many charitable fundraisers and has donated her artwork to Artevino, The Quinte Art Council, Northumberland Hospice, and The Canadian Cancer Society, to name but a few. Her paintings have been featured in many shows with other top artists. She has done twelve solo showcases.  Natalie’s artwork is part of private collections around the world. A substantial collection of her work is permanently on display in “The Gables” restaurant in Brighton, Ontario.

Natalie is available for commission work and willing to consult with interested individuals in their homes to make sure that she paints a canvas that will address their home décor.