Marbling Cloth & Paper – A step-by-step Guide

Tuesday, September 24th 6-9pm
Activity Room
Bethany Garner

Marbling Cloth & Paper – A step-by-step Guide

Tuesday, September 24th 6-9pm

Artist: Bethany Garner


Marbling has always been a bit of a mystery for those who love to create original cloth and papers. Join fibre artist Bethany Garner, as she shares how to create amazing cloth in a clean, safe and fun-filled environment!

In this popular workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore easy to use marbling paints from PEBEO, a renowned paint developer for the textile arts in France. You will work by layering the paints, using pipettes or eye droppers onto the surface of a pre-mixed, thickened delivery system in a shallow pan. Plus, you will leave with the knowledge to create your own marbling set-up at home.

The real MAGIC begins as you layer on pre-cut white, black, or coloured fabrics, or papers of your choice. You may choose to experiment with silk, satin, corduroy, denim, velveteen and more.

The results are always beautiful, and can be used in art quilts, journal covers, framed art, and if large enough garments and home décor. This class will be samples focused and follow-up instruction is always available.


* Dye materials included in class fee.

* A comprehensive workshop handout is provided.

* Sample papers and cloth included.

* Please bring a large container to take home wet papers/fabrics.

* Students are welcome to bring their own additional papers or fabrics.


Where: Activity Room, 1st Floor

Tett Centre for Creativity & Learning, 370 King Street West


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Bethany Garner has been designing and making quilts since 1976. She is a seasoned contemporary artist, traditional quilter, Restoration Specialist, Quilt Conservator, and is a Professor of Textile Design at St. Lawrence College, Kingston. She has inspired her students to take chances, try new things, and explore their favourite techniques in the classroom and at home.

Bethany has been sharing her favourite techniques in the classrooms since 1996, and brings her students a number of mixed-media, and cloth based colouring workshops based on the application of easy to use Procion MX Dyes, acrylic paints, inks, and silk paints for cloth, fibres and threads. Bethany’s courses are technique based, fun and developed to ensure that every student is accepted and feels included, supported and making their way forward on their own creative path.

Bethany served as a member and Board Secretary for the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning from 2015 to 2018. She is a Past Co-President of the Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners and is a member of the Kingston Fibre and Fabric Cooperative, the Ottawa Valley Weavers and Spinners Guild and the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners. She is a past president of the Canadian Quilters Association/ACC and was honoured as the CQA/ACC Teacher of the Year in 2011.

Bethany has recently served Studio Art Quilt Associates, an International Art Quilts organization with 3400 members worldwide and has served as their Central Canada Regional Representative. Beth was selected as Curator for the first major SAQA Exhibition coming to Canada, and she is active within the Surface Design Association. She also enjoys her active membership with both the Kingston Fibre Artists, Quinte Fibre Artists and CONNECTIONS Fibre Artists groups in Ontario. She exhibits her work across Canada and the US, often in gallery settings and with group/Association exhibitions.

Her work is in private and corporate collections across Canada and the US. She enjoys sharing her work in group and solo exhibitions when opportunities present.

Bethany travels and teaches for Quilt Guilds, shops and women's groups by invitation. She is the Owner and Managing Co-ordinator for the FIBREWORKS KINGSTON Weekend Workshops Series which has brought the very best of the best Fibre Arts Educators to Canada since 1979.


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