Kick & Push Festival 2024

Five feminine people dressed in pale green and flowers, on top of a bicycle-pulled cart, smiling.
July 25 - August 18, 2024
Multiple Locations
The Kick & Push Festival, Sponsored by the Tett Centre
Take your seat, whether it be at the Tett Centre, the Kingston Grand Theatre, a park, a car, a house, online, an island, a haunted basement, or at a friendly game of basketball! All is possible as part of the Kick & Push Festival that puts artists front and centre, inviting audiences to enjoy the unexpected.

The Kick & Push Festival is an annual festival of innovative performances, first established in 2015. The festival includes a Fringe programming stream as well as innovative, fun, and sometimes challenging works by award-winning Canadian artists. The tenth consecutive season will present live performances throughout Kingston from July 25 to August 18th, 2024.

More information about performances and residencies coming soon!

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Photo Credit: Jae Yang. Subject Matter: Divine Interventions by CORPUS