Kaboom! Arts After School

artist leading Youth in art activities

Kaboom! Arts After School February 2017

Final art jam with Kaboom Youth

About Kaboom! Arts After School 

The Tett partenred with the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston, supported by the Ontario150 Partnership Grant to celebrate Canada’s 150th in a very creative way. The program, designed for youth ages 13-18, offered a facilitated and youth led platform to explore arts at the Tett, culminating in an exposition in the late fall of 2017, thereby marking Kingston’s part in Canada’s 150th. 


The Kaboom! Program was divided into three distinct areas of focus: 

Phase I- Explore
Phase II- Connect
Phase III- Express


Phase I: Explore



Kaboom! was off to an explosive start and our participants explored new arts disciplines at the Tett Centre weekly since mid February. Kaboomers were fully immersed in the wonderful world of Kingston Arts through hour and a half long sessions that were led by different guest artists, bringing a unique focus to our weekly explorations. The participants tried their hands at everything from contemporary dance, to claymation and so much more!! Some of the topics for our meet-ups have included: keychains and stenciling with Barb Danielweski, Improv with Dan Walmsely, Drumming with Yessica Rivera Belsham, Contemporary Dance with Kay Kenney, Jewellery Making with Valerie Thomas, and many more. 

Visit our YouTube channel to see our Claymation movie creations, created by our #kaboomers in only 60 minutes!



The Kaboom! Team:

Artistic Director: Mat Poirier
Social Media Coordinator: Jane Karges