Inspired By, an Art Exhibition by OKWA

October 3-29, 2017
Community Exhibition Gallery
The Organization of Kingston Women Artists

 Inspired by......

The Organization of Kingston Women Artists Celebrates  Artistic Influences in Fall Show

In tribute to the 150 anniversary of Confederation, the artists of OKWA will be celebrating the Canadian artists, historical and current, who have inspired their own work.  Each participant in the annual fall exhibition has been asked to answer the following question: "Which Canadian artist from the last 150 years has influenced you as an artist, and how? "  The responses, along with images, will hang beside the works on display at the show, which runs from Oct 3 to Oct 29 at the Tett Centre Community Gallery.

The artists' choices are varied, ranging from the historical: Jean Paul Lemieux, Emily Carr, Tom Thompson, Prudence Heward, to the more contemporary: Joe Fafard, Alex Colville, Joni Mitchell, Wanda Koop, with a smattering of local artists: Lenni Workman, Susan Paloschi.

We invite the public to compare the works and to unravel the influences and connections between artists. The exhibit will also be an interesting and eclectic overview of Canadian art.  

The opening reception in the Community Gallery at the Tett Centre on King Street will be held on Sunday, Oct. 15 from 2 to 4 pm.

Generously supported by the Ballytobin Foundation.