Blue Canoe Presents: Verity

May 8 - May 10 at 6-7pm
Rehearsal Hall
Blue Canoe Theatrical Productions Inc. and Juvenis Festival

Verity is a dance based show made by artists and students united in the push for an inclusive education system. Through art, Verity participants hope to explore the issues that come with the repeal of the 2015 sex-ed curriculum in Ontario and encourage acceptance and transparency within our education system.

Dates: May 8th-10th
Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm

Tickets: $10 at
Location: Tett Rehearsal Hall

Amanda Cheung
Amber Lazo
Alexandra McChesney
Ann Lambert
Astin McCluskey
Bianca Campbell
Caitlin Allen
Chihiro Wantanabe
Dawson Lafolley
Emily Booth
Emma Honey
Evelyn Daniels
Gwen Van Dunen
Isabelle Cuffari
Izabella Quest
Jasmin Lazo
Jo Monea
Jocelyn Bourgeois
Jordyn Bourgeois
Maggie Johnston
Meghan Wiederick
Mia-Bella De-Lisser
Olivia Lalonde
Sabrina Maclcolm
Sabrina Minaker
Sophia Flemming
Tessie Chen
Valentina Campbell
Zoe Heyes